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30-Credit Transfer Framework

The 30-Credit Transfer Framework is a menu of foundation courses from which students may select up to 30 credits to transfer toward a degree at any PA TRAC college.

Framework courses...

  • Are foundation courses in English, Public Speaking, Math, Natural Science, Art and Humanities, and the Behavioral and Social Sciences that transfer seamlessly from one PA TRAC college to another.
  • Are the type of coursework that is generally completed during the first two years of a bachelor degree program.
  • Are a good choices for students who are undecided about the major they wish to pursue or the PA TRAC college where they plan to transfer.
  • Apply to students matriculated at participating PA TRAC colleges in Fall 2008 and beyond.

By enrolling in Framework courses at PA TRAC colleges, students can earn the equivalent of one full-year of study (30 credits) and have peace of mind in knowing that when they transfer, they can take their credits with them.


Using the Transfer Framework

Framework courses are worth 3- or 4- credits each and are separated into six broad categories. Students should select a range of courses from all six categories according to the guidelines below.

The Framework chart below shows the type of courses found in each category.  Actual course titles vary by college. Use the search at the bottom of the page to find specific Framework courses offered at PA TRAC colleges.

Students should consult an academic advisor prior to enrolling in more than 30-credits or exceeding the category requirements.

Certain majors have specific requirements prescribed by external agencies. It is the student’s responsibility to work with an advisor to select appropriate courses as they relate to the major.

Category 1
(Select 1 course)

Category 2
(Select 1 course)

Category 3
(Select no more than 2 courses)

Category 4
Must include lab (Select no more than 2 courses)

Category 5
(Select no more than 2 courses)

Category 6
(Select no more than 2 courses)

Find Framework Courses at PA TRAC Colleges

Search for courses that are included in the Transfer Credit Framework.